Our Story


Our Story



It all started when…

Mom was coming off of 19 rounds of chemotherapy in February of 2016. It was a tough go for us both! We were looking for something to take our minds off of our own misery, hers as a cancer patient and mine as her daughter/caregiver, and so one day we went out into the world with a simple idea. Together, we reignited the old tradition of handwriting Love Notes to our heroes--veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters and the like. It didn't take us long to realize we were onto something special!

Mom's been gone for more than a year now, but our collective dream of spreading love to our best and bravest, those who have shown courage, love and compassion to our country and community in the most selfless and essential of ways, is growing stronger every day!

Somewhere along the way I lost my mother, my best friend and biggest cheerleader, but I gained something I never would have expected ... an entire community of amazing people who support me, our mission and our nation's heroes! 

15,000+ Love Notes later ...